Monday, March 17, 2008

Why, why, why…

Why do they keep messing with Dr. Seuss? First there was the atrocious Grinch movie (everyone must watch the fabulous old animated version if they can get it); then the even worse, Cat in the Hat. For me personally though this 3rd one is the most annoying, because I’ve never cared for Grinch as a character, and my kids never got into the Cat series for me to care either way if their childish imaginations were being ruined by Hollywood.

But Horton?? In my house Horton is the God of small things. After reading Horton Hears A Who (aloud with actions, when I’m half asleep with tiredness) for the 3 millionth time, I may get sick of him, but I shall never, never, never imagine him with the mannerisms of Jim Carrey (blasphemy), doing a slick Hollywoodish number. If there’s one thing that defines Horton the elephant, it’s his earnestness and insistence on sticking to his own un-cool path, no matter what everybody thinks of him, and if there’s one thing Jim Carrey is, its overbearingly smart alecky in playing to the gallery. As far as I’m concerned the twain should never have met.

BTW, I haven’t seen the movie (nor will I ever if I can help it), so I’m just reacting to info about the movie that has filtered over to me. Apparently a rodent has been added as a sidekick to Horton, no doubt to air the leftover wisecracks that even Jim Carrey felt were too cheesy. The sidekick is called Morton…says it all, I think.

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