Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekly (weakly??) Round-up

Now, I set up this blog with great plans of putting my pearls of wisdom, and other indicators of filmic knowledge out there for the world to see, but clearly, this is not happening. My writer-giri (or lack therof) stands exposed, my excuses of not having time just excuses.
So in an attempt to turn out something I can read back to myself when I am old (and not very choosy) I am from now on at least going to post a weekly round up of "What I Watched" last week. Here goes:

1. Michael Clayton (on DVD) - pretty good film, in a very "I know what's going to happen next" type of way. Of course George Clooney is eminently watchable as always.
I DID NOT get why Tilda Swinton got so heavily awarded for this one though, maybe for being the first ever actress not afraid to show underarm sweat. Bravo!
2. Katha - (old, old film on a very scratchy DVD) - I picked this up to watch with my 10 year old, because I remembered how much I had enjoyed it as a kid - it still holds up. Great fun, and now that I live in Bombay I can appreciate the little nuances even more.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top 3 Movies on my ‘HAVE-to-means-HAVE-to-watch’ list

1.) The Dark Knight:

Two words why – Heath Ledger. Lot of respect for the actor he turned out to be.. and boy, did it show in Monster’s Ball, Lords of Dogtown and Brokeback Mountain.

And of course, Christian Bale. He gets my 5000 brownie points for resurrecting the uber-coolism in Batman movies. Correction – ALL superhero movies.

'Have made a mental note to keep a watch on Aaron Eckhart. That guy has made some wise choices of late, namely Thank You for Smoking and No Reservations. I bet he's got more sass for the killer role of District Attorney, Harvey Dent he's playing here.

2.) Sex & the City :

Purely because I know I’ll have mixed opinions. Like I did for The Simpsons Movie (which I thought was strictly ok, as compared to the South Park movies). The trend is familiar – the series does great, generates a cult following, ends in flying colours and big awards. Then hype builds up for ‘talks about a full feature’. Eventually so do the rumours, the endless discussions and co-stars leaking secret botox implant stories of other co-stars…

Although, I’d have to admit – I loved the show. I really am a sucker for relatable female protagonists like these four larger-than-life women in SATC.

And of course I'm planning this outing with two great gal pals. Besides if the story disappoints, at least there’s haute couture fashion and Blahniks to drool at…

3.) Hancock:

Take a completely original plot- “A hard-living superhero who has fallen out of favour with the public enters into a questionable relationship with the wife of the public relations professional who's trying to repair his image.”

Take two stellar actors of today – His Handsome Highness, Will Smith and Charlize Theron

Andvoila- you have promise of great entertainment.

Or even if you swear by the superhero format, that would do. But be prepared to be pleasantly surprised…