Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekly (weakly??) Round-up

Now, I set up this blog with great plans of putting my pearls of wisdom, and other indicators of filmic knowledge out there for the world to see, but clearly, this is not happening. My writer-giri (or lack therof) stands exposed, my excuses of not having time just excuses.
So in an attempt to turn out something I can read back to myself when I am old (and not very choosy) I am from now on at least going to post a weekly round up of "What I Watched" last week. Here goes:

1. Michael Clayton (on DVD) - pretty good film, in a very "I know what's going to happen next" type of way. Of course George Clooney is eminently watchable as always.
I DID NOT get why Tilda Swinton got so heavily awarded for this one though, maybe for being the first ever actress not afraid to show underarm sweat. Bravo!
2. Katha - (old, old film on a very scratchy DVD) - I picked this up to watch with my 10 year old, because I remembered how much I had enjoyed it as a kid - it still holds up. Great fun, and now that I live in Bombay I can appreciate the little nuances even more.

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